Rubie Frazier is dental assistant supervisor at the School of Dentistry's patient clinic at the Jackson Medical Mall. Melanie Thortis/ UMMC Communications
Rubie Frazier is dental assistant supervisor at the School of Dentistry's patient clinic at the Jackson Medical Mall.
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Front and Center: Rubie Frazier

Published on Monday, July 11, 2022

By: Ruth Cummins

When you ask dental assistant Rubie Frazier what her workday entails, she’ll tell you two things: Making sure her patients are OK, and making sure her coworkers are OK.

Frazier, who supervises all dental assistants at the Jackson Medical Mall clinic of the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s School of Dentistry, says that’s her job as a team leader.

“I love to serve,” she said. “Every day when I wake up, God gives me another opportunity to do the things he would have me do.”

Her role requires her to pivot from direct patient care at chairside to other duties that take her throughout the Department of Advanced General Dentistry clinic. She’s no stranger to clinical operations at the School of Dentistry on the UMMC campus, because she goes where she’s needed.

“Anything that involves Advanced General Dentistry clinical operations involving dental assistants, I oversee those tasks, making sure we have the appropriate number of dental assistants, making sure their personal time is in order, and doing ordering for the clinic,” Frazier said.

“I do my best to serve wherever I am needed. I get here early in the morning to make sure the clinic and the equipment is ready to go so that we can start patient care,” she said. “Throughout the day I have administrative duties, and sometimes I assist in the OR.”

Melody Longino, the SOD’s manager of ambulatory operations, said what makes Frazier special is that “she loves what she does.

“From the compassion she shows toward patients, staff and faculty to the exceptionally clean and organized clinic and operatory, her admiration for dentistry shines through,” Longino said. “She has the knowledge and skills that further enhance her extraordinary self.”

In October, Frazier will celebrate her 10th anniversary at the Medical Center. “The opportunity to advance here in our careers is important, and an incentive to push a little harder every day.

“We work as a family,” Frazier said. “We look out for each other and try our best to make sure that our communication channels are open and that if there are obstacles, we all get on the same page.”

Originally from Raymond, Frazier has lived in Florence for 21 years. Married to husband Tyrone, Frazier has three children and likes doing things together with her family.

“We love to play board games, and my son is a musician, so we spend a lot of time together singing. We like to vacation and travel, and just to enjoy each other’s company,” she said.

Much of Frazier’s enjoyment at her job comes from experiencing her patients’ joy.

“To see the smiles on our patients’ faces when they get a new set of dentures, or get the tooth fixed that they chipped on vacation,” she said. “When you’re able to smile with confidence, it gives you a whole different personality. I like to see people in their happy place.”

That’s what makes Frazier stand out, Longino says.

“I cannot say enough about Rubie Frazier’s passion for God, life and dentistry.”

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