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Hospital operations continue unaffected by water main break

Published on Thursday, June 24, 2010

Published in Press Releases on June 24, 2010 (PDF)

UMMC is in the process of coordinating its services in response to a water main break in Jackson on Thursday morning. UMMC water is supplied by campus wells and is unaffected by the low water pressure.

However, the situation has impacted the Jackson Medical Mall and UMMC operations there. Where feasible, arrangements are being made to relocate patient-care activities at off-site clinics. Patients who receive dialysis treatment at the Medical Mall clinic will be seen on the UMMC main campus. Additionally, we are in the process of relocating support staff displaced by the outage. Operations at the main UMMC campus hospitals continue as normal.

UMMC has offered assistance to other area hospitals and has activated the Mississippi Med-Com center to coordinate patient diversions from affected facilities.

Patients who are uncertain about the status of their appointments can call (888) 815-2005.