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Photos: Test-laden med students lighten mood with Hawaiian shirt contest

Published on Thursday, November 29, 2018

By: Jay Ferchaud, photographer

As if anyone can truly lose in an Hawaiian shirt contest, the winners are, from left, Mark Lewis, representing male students; Dr. David Brown, representing faculty; and Khoula Sale

Khoula Saleem is either confident of victory or proud of four of her fingers -- probably the former: She won.

Mary Harvey blesses the audience and, via her patriotically-themed lenses, America.

Kristen Roberts is all that -- Hawaiian style.

From left: Mark Lewis, with fellow contestants Peyton Overstreet and Kaleb Barnes, displays the palmy prop that helped propel him to victory.

Mark Lewis gets a psychic taste of victory -- later, he would be crowned the winner, male category.

Khalid Manzoul shows his School of Medicine pride, and more.

Nobody wears a grass skirt like JoJo Dodd. Nobody.

Andy Shine lives up to his name.

Sam Gearhart seems to be modeling for the Hawaiian Shirt Heisman Trophy, which has not been invented yet.

In a moment that will go down in Hawaiian shirt contest history, Gabrielle Chamoun of Hattiesburg reinvents the wheel by riding on one.

Dr. David Brown, professor of cell and molecular biology, gives Gabrielle Chamoun's unicycle a whirl, while giving Chamoun a stomach filled with butterflies.

To Hawaii-up the proceedings, Mary Harvey brought along a tiki carving.

Dr. John Correia, professor of cell and molecular biology, left, elicits an audience reaction for Mark Lewis.

Facing a stress-inducing array of exams this week, the School of Medicine Class of 2022 let off some steam in the medical education building during Tuesday’s annual Hawaiian shirt contest, put on by the Department of Biochemistry. Emceed by this year’s winner of the faculty division, Dr. David Brown, professor of cell and molecular biology, and judged by audience applause, the student winners took home $100 Amazon gift cards. They included Mark Lewis, the guy with the palm tree drink holder, and Khoula Saleem, who was also celebrating her 22nd birthday. “I almost didn’t go down there,” she said. “I’m glad I did.” But perhaps the highlight of the day was the moment Gabrielle Chamoun, M1, unicycled her way into everyone’s hearts.