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Making Strides in 2012, MIND Center Adds Researchers, Technology in Quest Against Alzheimer's

Published on Friday, December 21, 2012

Published in Press Releases on December 21, 2012 (PDF)

JACKSON, Miss. – The MIND Center continued moving ahead in 2012, adding faculty and technology, and strengthening strategic partnerships, according to MIND Center Director Dr. Thomas H. Mosley Jr.

“Alzheimer’s is devastating, and it’s been a profoundly difficult disease for scientists to understand and combat,” Mosley said. “That said, the past year has brought tremendous progress, and momentum is on our side.”

He highlighted the following 2012 accomplishments:

Accelerated ground-breaking research
MC logo whiteTo date, MIND Center faculty and staff conducted exams on more than 1,000 participants in one of the largest and most comprehensive studies ever conducted of mid-life risk factors for dementia and cognitive decline. The researchers plan to wrap up data collection in 2013 and move into their analysis phase, which may yield unique discoveries about the course of memory loss and cognitive decline.

Added powerful new technologies
The MIND Center added powerful new brain-imaging technologies that will allow its scientists to see deeper and with more clarity into the brain than ever before. The MIND Center’s advanced PET/CT and MRI capabilities ensure that it will continue to remain at the vanguard in the search for a cure. 

Expanded the team
Dr. Kenneth Lee Weiss, a neuro-radiologist, joined the MIND Center as part of its Biomarkers/Imaging Core. As well, Dr. Hao Mei, a biostatistician, joined the MIND Center’s Genetics Core. Their expertise, combined with new genetic and brain-imaging technologies, expands the ability of researchers to uncover causes and possible treatments of Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia.

Strengthened strategic partnerships
The MIND Center is working with the Alzheimer’s Association, the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and other key partners to increase support for Alzheimer’s research at state and federal levels. The MIND Center’s goal is to create a comprehensive state strategic plan that coordinates efforts and increases resources in the fight against this dreaded disease.