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Portrait of Dr. Scott Rogers and Dr. Natalie Gaughf
Scott M. Rodgers, MD Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Natalie W. Gaughf, PhD, ABPP Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

As the state’s only academic medical center, the University of Mississippi Medical Center supports seven health professions schools on its main campus in Jackson and successfully graduates roughly 1000 health care professionals each year, many of whom choose to stay and practice in Mississippi. We work to identify and promote best practices in health care education so that we may furnish the state and its people with practitioners who combine knowledge and professionalism with compassion and caring. To support this academic mission, the faculty and staff within the Office of Academic Affairs assist with program assessment, accreditation, educational innovation, institutional research, faculty development, and services to ensure student success. We also support and maintain a vast supply of digital and print resources through the Rowland Medical Library, and we devote ourselves to having a lively and welcoming Student Union, complete with its own bookstore, café, gym, and activities calendar. Finally, we are responsible for continuing health education programming, allowing our workforce to benefit from our institution’s commitment to lifelong learning. Thank you for visiting our webpage and please feel free to browse through our many programs. We look forward to your continued engagement.

Seven Schools. One UMMC.

  1. School of Medicine building exterior.


    School of Medicine
  2. School of Nursing building exterior.


    School of Nursing
  3. School of Health Related Professions building exterior.


    School of Health Related Professions
  4. School of Dentistry building exterior.


    School of Dentistry
  5. School of Pharmacy building exterior.


    School of Pharmacy
  6. Guyton Research Complex building exterior.


    School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences

  7. School of Population Health exterior building.


    John D. Bower School of Population Health

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