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UMMC Main Campus No Longer Under Fire Watch

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

TO: All UMMC Personnel

FROM: Dr. Jonathan Wilson, Chief Administrative Officer

SUBJECT: UMMC Main Campus No Longer Under Fire Watch

The main Jackson campus’ water pressure in the fire suppression system, which is connected to the City of Jackson water system, is now adequate for use in a fire. The Fire Watch issued May 30 for the main UMMC campus is cancelled.

As always, though, in case of a fire, use the RACE and PASS procedures.


  1. Rescue and remove any person that is in immediate danger. 
  2. Alert other staff members to the problem. Make sure that the alarm is transmitted by calmly telling coworkers, dialing 4-6666 and pulling a manual fire alarm. 
  3. Confine the fire to the room of origin by closing the door after making sure all persons are safely out of the room. Close all other doors in the area to prevent the spread of fire and smoke into unaffected spaces. 
  4. If possible, smother the fire using a fire extinguisher through the PASS procedure. However, do not put yourself in unnecessary danger attempting to extinguish a fire. 

P.A.S.S. (Steps for using a fire extinguisher) 

  1. Pull the pin. 
  2. Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. 
  3. Squeeze the handles together. 
  4. Sweep side to side at the base of the fire. 

Thank you.