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Upcoming employee engagement survey

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

TO:All UMMC Faculty and Staff

FROM:Dr. LouAnn Woodward, vice chancellor for health affairs
Molly Brasfield, chief human resources officer

SUBJECT: Upcoming employee engagement survey

On Monday, May 23, UMMC faculty and staff will receive an email invitation from Press Ganey to participate in this year’s Employee Engagement and Culture of Safety Survey. The email you will receive will include a link that will direct you to the survey that applies to your job role. All employees will take the employee engagement part of the survey, and some employees, including those in patient care settings, will also be invited to take the culture of safety section.

The survey doesn’t take long to complete, but the information it provides the Medical Center’s leadership team is invaluable. This survey is intended to provide us an improvement road map drawn by you, and give us follow-up data on actions taken based on previous years’ survey results. 

To give us the most pertinent and helpful feedback, we ask that you are frank and honest in your responses. Provide meaningful data, and it can turn into meaningful initiatives. All survey responses are anonymous and confidential.

As always, our goal is 100 percent participation again this year. Help us get there by filling out the survey no later than by Tuesday, June 14, when the link in the invitation email will no longer be active. Our workforce is our most precious and effective resource, and hearing from you will be the most valuable feedback we can get. 

Thank you.