Venomous Creatures

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Mississippi Venomous Snakes

Venomous snakes are common and can be found across the entire state of Mississippi. Mississippi is home to six venomous snakes. In human encounters, snake envenomation is a defensive mechanism used to deter a potential predator. Snake bites occur when a snake is startled or assesses a threat. These often occur when individuals attempt to handle or kill a snake. Snakes can strike up to several feet at speeds close to 3 meters per second! Avoid handling dead, including decapitated, snakes as they are capable of reflexively striking. Approximately 20% of snake bites can be "dry," meaning no venom was delivered.

All venomous snakebites should be evaluated at your nearest emergency department or health care facility.

  • Stay calm and seek medical attention.

  • Call 911 if any symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain, confusion, or loss of consciousness develop.

  • DO immobilize the bitten extremity at the level of the heart.

  • DO NOT apply a tourniquet or ice.

  • DO NOT attempt to lance the wound and suction out the venom.

  • DO NOT electrocute the bitten extremity.