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Biomedical Materials Science

Examples of biomedical materials and workThe Department of Biomedical Materials Science at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is an academic program that started in July 2004 and has grown from the longstanding (25 years) research group formerly known as the Division of Biomaterials. The academic and research effort within the department is dedicated to understanding the materials, interfacial, and biological phenomena that govern the outcome of biomedical implants, protheses and devices. We also help implement research on Polymeric Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, investigation of Cellular Biology in the realm of obesity and related diseases, and fatigue of restorative ceramics and dental implants.

Mission Statement

Education and research in biomedical materials science is critical to an increased level of health care needed by our society. Our departmental mission is to provide education and research opportunities for dental and medical students, as well as graduate students interested in biomedical materials science. 

Applications for the graduate program are now being accepted and are available online. We also seek opportunities for collaborative research with faculty throughout UMMC and at other institutions.

It is our intention that this mission be accomplished through the pursuit of innovative research directed towards the understanding of the biological processes and material properties that determine the host-material response. This understanding will provide the ability to develop new materials for future implant applications.

What is Biomedical Materials Science?

The study of the material and biological interactions that substantially govern the outcome of a biomedical implant has traditionally been known as the field of "biomaterials." In recent years, the term "biomaterials" has also been used to describe the study of biological materials for non-implant applications such as cellulose, silk, coral, etc. The name "biomedical materials science" has been selected to specify our interest in the study of biomedical materials for implant applications. This terminology incorporates any material used as an implant, and thus can include certain biological materials as well.


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