Two dental students in surgical attire performing a procedure on a patient's mouth.

Comprehensive General Dentistry

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Department of Comprehensive General Dentistry


The Department of Comprehensive General Dentistry has a driving mission: to empower students to efficiently diagnose and treat multiple oral health issues. The department aims for students to experience clinical patient care in an environment that is conducive to a comprehensive learning experience. Most importantly, we strive to put the patient first by providing exceptional patient-centered care. In CGD, it is our goal to help produce dentists who are not only technically competent and even excellent, but dentists who exemplify empathy and genuine care for the patients they provide dental services for.


  • Provide patients with efficient, comprehensive, and quality oral care in one setting.

  • Involve and educate patients in their oral care by providing patient-centered care.

  • Expose students to multiple oral health issues to build their self-confidence when treating patients after graduation.


  • CGD faculty are passionate about the student experience and pour positively into each student.

  • We want to graduate students who have meaningful patient experiences.

Patients admitted to the School of Dentistry are assessed and then referred to the Department of Comprehensive General Dentistry if they meet the requirements for our student program. Students provide patient care under the supervision of faculty (licensed dentists).

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