UPSTART Summer Research Program

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Projects Available for UPSTART 2022

NumberProject TitleMentor(s)Expected Student Availability
1A rapid growth of dentigerous cyst: a rare case with review of literatureRohan Jagtap3
2Ectopic eruption of mandibular second molar in the coronoid process: a case report and
review of literature
Rohan Jagtap
Pia Kirk
Tracy Dellinger
3Effect of COVID-19 on patient demographics and admission visits change from 2019 to
Elizabeth Carr8
4Comparison of the demographics of the leadership at dental schools versus medical
schools in the US
Jennifer Bain
James Lott
5Evaluation of the effects of tooth polish on tooth morphology, bacterial adhesions, and
gingival tissue
Jennifer Bain
Jason Griggs
Amol Janorkar
Cynthia Senior
Lauren Bain
6What do other schools do? An integrated predoctoral dental care (IPC) literature reviewElizabeth Carr12
7Drug delivery using micro- and nano-particlesAmol Janorkar12
8Biopolymer scaffolds for tissue engineeringAmol Janorkar32
9Impact of cellular microenvironment on stem cell differentiationAmol Janorkar32
10Surface modification of dental implants using electrospray techniqueYuanyuan Duan40
11Residual stresses and bone remodeling: a two-step simulation framework for improved
finite element modeling of dental implants
Jason Griggs
Jennifer Bain
Matthew Priddy (MSU)
Lauren Priddy (MSU)