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Honors in Research Program

The Honors in Research Program (HRP) provides an opportunity for eligible dental students to choose advanced study in dental research or basic health science and receive recognition for their accomplishments at graduation.

Honors work consists of hypothesis-driven research in some aspect of dental or basic health science. Students conduct laboratory or clinical research (e.g., improving current clinical practices, exploring controversies in dentistry, engaging in basic and biomedical materials research) with the guidance and supervision of a UMMC faculty member.

For students interested in the Honors in Research Program, please click here for guidance on the suggested order of classes and activities for involvement in research during dental school matriculation (view in slide show mode to use hyperlinks).

Honors in Research Graduates - 2009-2019

  • Caleb Hardman
  • Jiman Nelson
  • Kendra Reed Clark
  • Jennifer Bain
  • Jason Brown
  • Reid Lester
  • Kristin Balius
  • Curtis Caskey
  • Lacey Harris
  • Stacy Ritter
  • Camille Sandifer
  • Corey Shook
  • Phebe Winters