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What is a UMMC Clinical Center?

Centers and institutes at UMMC are units designed to facilitate the contributions of groups to the core missions of education, research and health care. There are three categories - institute, center, clinical center, and external designation centers.

The primary purpose of clinical centers is to provide and coordinate health care for a specific patient population or specific health issue. Clinical centers may also have education and research functions, but their primary purpose is health care delivery.

Each of UMMC's many centers and institutes is dedicated to creating a healthier Mississippi.

Our clinical centers are listed below:

• Center for the Advancement of Youth

• Center for Maternal and Fetal Care

• Center for Neuromuscular Disorders

• Center for Sialendoscopy and Salivary Gland Disorders

Children's Heart Center

• Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

• Esophageal Health and Reflux Center

• Face and Skin Center

• Gearhart Clinical Skills Center

• Mississippi Burn Center

• Mississippi Center for Emergency Services

• Stephanie and Mitchell Morris Center for Cleft and Craniofacial Research and Innovation

• The Skin Cancer Center

University Heart Center

• Voice and Swallowing Center

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