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Telehealth Care at UMMC

UMMC 2 You

Get fast treatment for minor medical issues right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. More…

You see the provider.

The provider sees you.

The exam is done using your camera phone or webcam.

We are a
National Telehealth Center of Excellence.

Telehealth for Business

Give employees access to care where they live and work, helping them feel better and perform better. Telehealth brings health and wellness services to your employees when and where they need it.


Telehealth for Schools

Give students easy access to trusted care, keeping them in class and focused on learning. UMMC Telehealth can support onsite school nurses or work as a virtual school clinic through online video appointments.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Manage your chronic illness with specialized care delivered through a tablet computer. More…

Coach Leroy Henderson of Mound Bayou, Mississippi, has struggled managing his Type 2 diabetes. Now, thanks to telehealth, he has help.

He controls his condition with daily monitoring and regular online check-ins with a UMMC Telehealth dietician, Cindy, on a tablet computer at home.

Cindy can spot problems early and recommend treatment at a local clinic. Leroy now has his diabetes under control and his health has improved.

Provider Support

Give your patients online specialty care backed by Mississippi’s only academic medical center, in your own clinic, keeping them closer to home—and closer to you.


Clinical Training

Help clinicians learn how to implement UMMC Telehealth programs, stay current on best health practices, and meet continuing education requirements.


About Telehealth

Telehealth lets UMMC providers examine and treat patients through the internet. Using live, two-way audio/visual technology and remote monitoring programs on computers, tablets, or smartphones:

  • Patients can talk to health care providers from their work or home.
  • Care teams in different facilities can consult with each other.
  • Providers can examine patients who are in other locations.
  • Nurses can monitor patients remotely to support on-site care teams.

The UMMC Difference

UMMC Telehealth connects patients and caregivers to UMMC health care providers remotely, in real time, using video calls and interactive tools.

Specialty Care

We provide remote, on-site access to more than 35 specialties, including mental health, dermatology, emergency medicine, eICU monitoring, and Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Research and Education

In addition to providing patient care, the UMMC Center for Telehealth conducts ongoing research into the efficacy of telehealth programs and offers training opportunities to providers at other health care organizations.

A Trusted Health Care Source

In the rapidly growing field of telehealth, it’s critical to choose the right partner. UMMC Telehealth is part of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Mississippi’s only academic medical center and a trusted institution since 1955.

UMMC Telehealth is currently offered through select schools, companies, clinics, and health care providers.

To request UMMC Telehealth, call (601) 815-2020.