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UMMC School-based Telehealth

helps children thrive

where they learn

Young child smiling.

This innovative program
empowers school nurses to
lead video visits with UMMC
providers when students
need medical care.

UMMC School-based Telehealth is available in participating schools through a partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education.

How It Works

When a student
needs medical care
Child holding head in hands.
The school nurse starts a video
visit with a UMMC provider
Medical provider wearing white coat and stethoscope.
Who examines the child and
recommends treatment on the spot
Provider conducts online virtual visit with patient.

Video visits are free of charge for families in enrolled school districts. Parents must consent and can join the video visit.

See what UMMC School-based Telehealth includes.

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Child looks up at health care provider.
Prompt care for a
student’s physical and
mental health
Giving children access to trusted medical care at their own school, during school hours, gives them a new level of support both in and out of class.

UMMC School-based Telehealth Supports

Minor Medical Care
In districts that offer the program, school nurses can consult with UMMC providers when a student needs treatment for a wide range of concerns, including
Asthma and allergies          Skin irritations
Colds and flu                     Head lice
Sore throat                       Pink eye
Headaches                        Rashes
     Fever                           And more
Child blows nose.
Behavioral health care
from experienced
We help school counselors and nurses support children’s mental and emotional health needs, including anxiety, depression, behavioral difficulties, coping skills, expressing feelings, and more.
Training and Coaching
For Nurses
We train school nurses on how to spot common dental problems in students and help students develop healthy dental habits. See how we support school nurses.
For Students
We offer lifestyle coaching for students at risk of developing diabetes.
Child smiling.
Contact the UMMC School-based Telehealth Program
For questions, or to ask about enrolling your school district in the program, please get in touch with us.
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