Telehealth for Schools

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How School-based Telehealth Helps School Nurses

Mississippi has one of the nation’s most pressing shortage of health care providers. In many cases, school nurses are called on to help fill the gap. But who do school nurses call for help?

See what UMMC School-based Telehealth includes.

School-based telehealth provides valuable, easy-to-use support for school nurses with:

Minor Medical Care for Students.

When a child needs medical attention, a school nurse can launch a video visit with a UMMC provider, who can examine the student and provide treatment plan, right in the school clinic. 

Behavioral Care for Students.

School nurses can connect students in need of emotional and mental health support to scheduled video visits with behavioral experts in school, during school hours.

Lifestyle Coaching Training.

We train school nurses to become lifestyle coaches, so they can provide students with ongoing health education and management.