Telehealth for Schools

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How School-based Telehealth Helps Schools

Better attendance, better behavior, better health. That’s what happens when schools can provide students with trusted medical care at school.

We provide the technology, equipment and training needed to implement this program, all at no cost to participating schools.

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With school-based telehealth, schools can:

Support students and families.

For some families, in-school care is a time-saving convenience. For others, it may be their only path to medical care for a child.

Address behavioral needs.

Students who struggle with behavioral issues can impact the whole class. In-school treatment can help the child, the teacher and fellow students.

Connect children to further care.

When a student needs additional care, we give parents the choice to the child to their established primary care provider or to have us make a referral.

Set children up for academic success.

In-school medical care helps students stay healthier, which helps reduce absenteeism and keeps kids in the classroom.