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Multidisciplinary care for the brain, mind, and neurological system.

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UMMC Research: Discovering tomorrow’s cures today.

A researcher uses a pipet to conduct an experiment at a lab bench
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From world-renowned studies on heart disease, diabetes and hypertension to advanced treatment for cancer and a human physiology simulation program used by NASA, researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center are unraveling the diseases that affect Mississippians, creating new, high-tech jobs, and injecting tens of millions of dollars annually into the state's economy. UMMC aims to lead the way to discoveries that will raise the health level of Mississippians and, indeed, all mankind.

Effective teaching of current knowledge is an important mission of all universities, but original research enlarges the boundaries of human knowledge and drives innovation, and is a hallmark of leading universities. UMMC has many notable research achievements since its inception in 1955. In recent years the institution has undergone considerable expansion of research programs and physical facilities. In turn, extramural research funding doubled in less than five years. Much of this expansion can be attributed to increased investment in infrastructure and in the recruitment of additional distinguished research faculty.