Researcher looking at microscope findings on a monitor.
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Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center

Welcome to the Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center. Our mission is to:

  • Foster excellence in basic and clinical cardiovascular and renal research
  • Promote the education of basic researchers, physicians, and the general public in the area of cardiovascular and renal diseases
  • Develop resources to enhance cardiovascular and renal research
  • Use our resources and new research findings to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular and renal diseases in the state of Mississippi.

Meet Our Director

Dr. David E. Stec is a professor in the Department of Physiology & Biophysics, and director of the Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center. He earned his PhD in physiology from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and received postdoctoral training in molecular genetics at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.

Portrait of Dr. David E. Stec, director of the Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center.