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About the CRRC

crrcmission.pngIn an effort to integrate the various cardiovascular and renal research programs at UMMC, the Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center (CRRC) was established.

CRRC mission

  • Foster excellence in basic and clinical cardiovascular and renal research at UMMC;
  • Promote the education of basic researchers, physicians, and the general public in the area of cardiovascular and renal diseases;
  • Develop resources to enhance cardiovascular and renal research at UMMC; and 
  • Utilize the resources, including new research findings, of the Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular and renal diseases in the state of Mississippi.

CRRC objectives

  • Develop and maintain an Administration structure and Core facilities to foster excellence in basic and clinical cardiovascular and renal research;
  • Develop programs to facilitate communication and interaction among cardiovascular and renal researchers at UMMC;
  • Establish an extramurally funded cardiovascular and renal diseases training program for predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows and for medical students and residents interested in cardiovascular-renal research;
  • Develop and maintain a mentoring and grantsmanship program to enhance extramural funding of cardiovascular and renal researchers at UMMC; and 
  • Assist and coordinate the recruitment of extramurally funded cardiovascular and renal researchers to UMMC.