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What services does the program offer?

UMMC School-based Telehealth lets Mississippi-licensed providers deliver care to students remotely during school hours. When a student needs medical care, the school nurse starts a video visit with a UMMC provider. Parents must consent and can join the video visit. The provider examines the student with the help of the school nurse and recommends treatment during the visit.

The program includes:

  • Minor medical care for issues including asthma and allergies, colds, flu, sore throat, headaches, fever, skin irritations, head lice, pink eye, rashes and other minor illnesses.
  • Behavioral care delivered through scheduled visits during school hours with nurse practitioners, counselors and therapists. Students receive evaluation, therapy and medication management for acute and chronic behavioral health conditions. When appropriate, students may also receive access to self-guided, app-based programs, available 24/7 on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Training for school nurses from the UMMC School of Dentistry on how to promote dental health for students.
  • Lifestyle coaching of students at risk for developing diabetes. This team will work with school personnel to promote the health and well-being that leads to optimal learning.

Who can use these services?

The program is available for Mississippi Department of Education schools that have chosen to enroll in the program. Every student in these K-12 schools is eligible to use the service.

When can our school start this service?

UMMC will implement the program in a phased approach across the state. After an implementation process, we plan to offer clinical services through our first-phase schools August 1, 2022, and to have all enrolled schools using the service by August 1, 2023.

How long will our school have access to this service?

The program is made possible through a grant from the Mississippi Department of Education and will be available to enrolled schools until the end of the grant period in September 2024.

Is there any data sharing?

UMMC will share program-level reporting statistics to demonstrate the value of this program to students, school districts and the state. Patient information we collect will be maintained in a secure, HIPAA-compliant medical record system at UMMC.

What equipment does the program require and will you provide it?   

 UMMC will provide all equipment, IT support and training for school nurses, free of charge. Equipment includes a laptop, webcam, digital stethoscope and digital otoscope for ear, nose and throat exams. We will work with your school to set a time to deliver and test the equipment.

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School Nurse

How will our school get training on this new service?

UMMC has a dedicated team of nurse educators that will conduct one-on-one training for your team on site. A UMMC nurse educator will also be available for questions after training and will periodically visit your school to support you throughout the remainder of the program. In addition, we will hold training sessions at the School Nurse Association meeting on July 11, 2022.

How will our school nurse request and document consent?

Before each visit, the school nurse will contact the parent or guardian to obtain verbal consent. They will document that consent on a paper form with a witness to the consent. At the time of the visit, they will confirm with the UMMC provider that consent was obtained. The UMMC provider will document consent in the patient record. No visit can take place without consent from a parent or guardian.

How quickly can our school nurse reach a UMMC provider?

  • Minor medical care video visits are routed to the next available provider. Our hope is that you will spend no more than 15 minutes waiting for a video visit.
  • Behavioral health video visits are by appointment. We will offer same-day appointments whenever possible.

Do you collect insurance information?

Video visits through this grant-funded program are available free of charge. UMMC will ask for an insurance provider name for our records only and will not file claims.

How will UMMC coordinate care with a student’s primary care provider?

UMMC wants to maintain strong primary care relationships within the community. We will share video visit information with a student’s primary care provider when clinically appropriate or when requested by the student’s guardian.

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Do my parents have to be on the video visit?

Parents do not have to join the video visit. However, we encourage your parents to be there if they choose. If you are uncomfortable discussing an issue with your parents present, please discuss it with your school nurse or facilitator prior to the visit.

How do I get a video visit?

Just ask your school nurse. It is that simple. 

Will my classmates know about my visits?

Only if you tell them. Your information will be kept private from everyone except your parent or guardian.


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What is the UMMC School-based Telehealth program?

This UMMC program lets your child have a video visit with a medical provider at school, during school hours.

When a student needs medical care, the school nurse sets up a video visit with a UMMC provider. The school nurse will use a laptop to let the student and provider see each other, talk clearly and share information. If needed, the school nurse can use special equipment, like electronic stethoscopes and special cameras, to help the UMMC provider hear a student’s heart or look inside their ears.

The provider will recommend treatment or make a referral during the video visit. Every video visit will require the consent of a parent or guardian.  

How much does this cost my family?

There is no cost for the video visit. Any costs for prescriptions and follow-up visits with primary care physicians or specialists, however, are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Who will be there during the video visit?

The video visit will include the school nurse, the UMMC provider and the student.

Can parents join the visit?

Absolutely! Parents can join in-person or remotely using a smart device.

How will information collected from the video visit be used?

Medical information from your child’s medical chart will be used for reports and to evaluate the program, but your child will not be identified with this information. The video visit is not recorded but some elements such as pictures may be taken. These materials will be maintained in a secure, HIPAA compliant database and will not be shared unless requested by a parent or guardian.

How will I know if my child has had a video visit ?

A student’s parent or guardian must give consent prior to video visit and will receive a summary of their child’s video visit in the form of an After Visit Summary (AVS).

Can I request a video visit for my child?

Yes, parents can contact their school nurse to request and schedule a video visit.

What if the school nurse’s office cannot contact the parents to authorize an appointment?

The child will not be able to have a video visit without parental or guardian consent.

Can my child be tested for COVID-19 if needed?

Yes, if the school is able to perform COVID-19 testing.

Can uninsured students participate in this program?

Yes, any student can participate in the program.  Insurance is not a requirement for being seen through the  program.

Anything else I need to know?

You and your child have the right to ask the health care provider to discontinue the video visit at any time. In addition, some parts of the exam may be conducted by the school nurse, under the guidance of the UMMC provider who is evaluating the child.

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