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The Children’s Heart Center is the only program of its kind in Mississippi, and provides evaluation and treatment for children with heart defects or diseases. Our nationally recognized team cares for patients from before birth through adolescence with congenital (present before or at birth) heart defects, heart disease, and arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm).

Cardiology and diagnostic services

Our cardiology program offers a variety of diagnostic tests, including special cardiac ultrasounds, CT scans, and other imaging, to help our specialists determine the best course of treatment for your child. Some of the conditions we evaluate and treat include heart murmurs, chest pain, fainting, shortness of breath, and palpitation.

Less invasive surgical options 

At the Children’s Heart Center, many defects that once required open-heart surgery can now be treated with less invasive approaches using small catheters inserted into the heart, veins, or arteries. Additionally, our congenital heart surgery services are available for more complex conditions calling for traditional, open surgery.

A team of specialists here for your child

Our heart team includes pediatric cardiology, children's intensive care, cardiac anesthesia, neonatal intensive care, perfusion, surgery, respiratory therapy, nursing and surgical staff, administration, and patient and family services. All are focused on your child, providing compassionate and coordinated care throughout diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Meet Our Specialists

Batson Doctor

At Children’s of Mississippi, our pediatric experts work together to complete a full circle of care for your child.

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