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Non-toxic substances

You may see it labeled on several products but what does non-toxic really mean? Non-toxic are substances that in small amounts generally cause none to small symptoms. Small symptoms may include nausea or upset stomach. Even though products are labeled as "non-toxic", they can still pose other dangers such as choking hazards. Chewing on the end of a marker, although the ink is non-toxic, could be a choking hazard if the felt tip is swallowed. Silica Gel packets, commonly seen in new purses, shoes, medication bottles, etc. are a non-toxic product but can be a choking hazard to children. If you have any doubt about a product, always call Mississippi Poison Control Center for assistance. Here are some examples of non-toxic products.

Silica gel in white paper packaging next to pile of silica gel. Packaging reads, "Desiccant silica gel. Do not eat."

Silica gel packets

Closeup of multicolored pieces of chalk on the ground.


Paintbrush being dipped into blue paint bottle. Multiple colors of paint.

Acrylic art paint

Closeup of uncapped markers next to each other in wavy pattern.

Markers and highlighters

Blue and black ballpoint pens on isolated background.


Crayons grouped together over white background.


Close up of a pencil drawing a straight, rough line.

Pencil lead