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Poison Prevention Tips

Keep the emergency phone number for the Poison Control Center programmed in your phone:

Child running barefoot on green grass lawn at backyard and throwing ball toy to dog.Outdoors:

  • Before applying pesticides (indoors or outside), remove children and their toys, as well as pets, from the area. Follow label directions for guidance on when it is safe to return.
  • If your use of a pesticide is interrupted e.g., a phone call, close the package properly and place the pesticide container out of the reach of children while you are away.
  • Teach children that "pesticides are poisons,” and something they should not touch.
  • Always store pesticides outside of children’s reach, such as a locked cabinet or garden shed. Child-proof safety latches should be installed on accessible cabinets. Safety latches can be purchased at your local hardware store.
  • Always read the label first and follow the directions, including all precautions and restrictions.
  • Never eat a wild plant or mushroom.


Close-up of man's hands placing prescription medication in a daily pill organizer.Medications:

  • Make sure all medications, including vitamins, are put up and out of children’s sight and reach – this includes pill planners.
  • Never tell children medication “is candy” in order to get them to take it. This can lead to confusion and increases the risk of a harmful exposure.
  • Maintain the medication in your hand until consumed; do not leave pills on the counter. These can be forgotten and left easily accessible to children.
  • Child-resistant caps are NOT child-proof. Do not rely solely on them to prevent a child from accessing medications.
  • Do not use medication bottles as make-shift rattles. This increases the likelihood of future encounters.
  • If your child is old enough to climb, simply placing the medication out of reach may not be effective. The poison center recommends investing in a medication lock-box or safety latches.


Woman in kitchen wearing rubber gloves while cleaning range with spray bottle of household cleaner and towel.Home:

  • Make sure cleaners or detergents are properly stored.
  • Never transfer household cleaners or other chemicals to a container that can be confused for a drink, such as water or soda bottles and drinking cups.
  • Make sure a clearly marked label is placed on all bottles containing household cleaners or chemicals.
  • Make sure laundry and dishwater detergent pods are kept out of sight and reach of children. They are often colorful and can resemble candy.
  • Never place rodent or insect baits in areas accessible to children.
  • Never mix chemicals, unless specifically directed and instructed by a product label. This applies especially to bleach (sodium hypochlorite) products which are capable of generating chlorine, a poisonous gas.
  • Make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.
  • Always follow all directions, including restrictions and precautions, from the label provided by the manufacturer.