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Medication disposal

Unused medications pose a potential danger for children and others. Safe medication disposal can prevent an accidental exposure or intentional abuse. Flushing down the toilet may cause undue harm to the environment. Simply throwing them in the trash without proper precautions could also lead to environment harm but also has the potential for children or animal exposures.

There are safe and environmentally friendly methods for safe medication disposal.

  • Walgreens has many locations that offer a safe medication disposal box. They also offer DisposeRx packets that you can obtain to safely throw away medication in your home trash.

    Medications accepted:What's not accepted:
    Prescription medications, ointments and patchesNeedles and thermometers
    Over the counter medications, ointments, lotions, and liquidsHydrogen peroxide
    Pet medicationsIllegal drugs
    Aerosol cans
    Please visit https://www.walgreens.com/topic/pharmacy/safe-medication-disposal.jsp for more information and locations of your nearest drop box.
  • DEA National Take Back Day.

    This program is offered twice a year, generally in April and October. This offers a safe and anonymous way to dispose of your unwanted, unused or expired prescription medications. Please visit https://www.dea.gov/takebackday for more information, dates and locations offering the services near you.

If you cannot find a disposal area near you, here are some ways to dispose of them at home.