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Student Training

The University of Mississippi Medical Center offers research training programs for students and trainees at all levels of the learning continuum. Emphasis is placed on the importance of making opportunities available to learners as early in their training period as possible and to offer high quality experiences.

Base Pair

Initiated in 1992, Base Pair is a successful biomedical research mentorship program that pairs faculty from the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) with high school students and educators from the Jackson Public School District (JPSD). The program allows each student to experience the scientific field in a "hands-on" manner under the guidance and supervision of a qualified instructor who is a researcher at UMMC. Teacher professional development and science curriculum enhancement activities complement the student participation to create a highly coordinated impetus for science education reform. Academic credit towards graduation, career orientation, and advanced laboratory training in the biomedical sciences are all benefits provided by the program.

MD/PhD Program

The goal of the MD/PhD Program is to train medical students to become physician-scientists. To prepare students for careers in academic medicine, the program will provide them with a broad understanding of contemporary medical knowledge and the ability to productively investigate issues related to human disease. The MD/PhD Program is a seven year program consisting of the first three years of Medical School (M1-M3), three years of graduate study (G1-G3) and a final year of medicine (M4).

Medical Student Research Program (MSRP)

Made possible by a grant from the Robert M. Hearin Foundation, the School of Medicine and the Office of Research partner together each year to offer the Medical Student Research Program (MSRP). The goal of the MSRP is to foster the development of medical students into Academic Clinicians who will pursue clinical, behavioral, or basic research. The exposure to the broad variety of investigation ongoing at the Medical Center is designed to stimulate interested students to consider careers in academic medicine. Students will need to complete the summer MSRP option (or equivalent) before applying for the full MSRP option.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Program

The School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences offers the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program as an internship program for training undergraduate students in the biomedical sciences. Interns are given hands-on experience in a biomedical laboratory and are encouraged to apply to PhD programs. In addition to the laboratory experience, students attend seminars and discussions aimed at enhancing their understanding of the current status of biomedical research and the career opportunities available. This program is open to students who have excelled in high school or in their undergraduate years in college.