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Project ECHO: Specialty Training and CME for Primary Care Providers

University-of-Mississippi-Medical-Center-ECHO-Graphic.jpgFamily practice and other primary care providers in Mississippi can get specialty training, with free CME units, through Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) at UMMC. Continuing health education credit is available for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. However, providers at all levels, including registered nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, CHWs, and pharmacists, are encouraged to participate.

How it works

Training is provided via online video conferences. The typical format includes a short didactic presentation, led by a UMMC specialist, and several case presentations. Participants can access training sessions online from a computer with a webcam (preferred) OR a smart phone. When signing up, you may choose one of two different roles, 'participant' or 'observer'. Providers who plan to attend ECHO regularly and may want to submit cases should sign up as participants. If you initially signed up as an observer and want to continue attending ECHOs you can switch to participant status at any time.

Project ECHO is moving knowledge, not patients.* 

Graphic illustrates project ECHO learning loop. Hub and spoke knowledge-sharing networks feature central hospital location with connections out to local providers.

Through technology-enabled collaborative learning, ECHO creates access to high-quality specialty care in local communities. Hub and spoke knowledge-sharing networks create a learning loop:

Community providers learn from specialists.

Community providers  learn from each other.

Specialists learn from community providers as best practices emerge.

A reasonable time commitment

Project ECHO teleclinics are held monthly. We encourage participants to join the online community as often as they can, but attendance is never mandatory.

Current specialty training areas

UMMC ECHO training categories include:

Project ECHO offers ongoing specialty support

In addition to free CE Units, Project ECHO also offers:

  • Collaboration, support, and ongoing learning with experts
  • A way to give patients more care within their home communities

Working toward a healthier Mississippi

Project ECHO supports primary care providers in rural areas of the state that have a shortage of specialists. It helps patients who must travel long distances for specialty care or cannot access it.

Get more information

UMMC's Project ECHO team will be happy to help you with any questions. Please email for more information about next steps.

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