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  • A lab may be utilized for the processing and shipment of clinical research study participant specimens.


  • The collection of specimens should only be performed by trained clinical research coordinators or staff members.
  • Personnel collecting participant samples should verify that full informed consent and authorization has been obtained from the participant or their legal authorized representatives prior to sample collection.
  • Specimens should be collected according to the protocol of the clinical trial, while also adhering to the appropriate safeguards from Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) guidelines.
  • IBC approval may be required for specimen collection, processing, and shipping. See the IRB/ Ancillary Committee Review section for more information on the specific requirements for IBC approval regarding specimens.


  • Clinical Research and Trials Unit (CRTU)
    • Services: Research sample processing, storage, and shipment.
    • Contact: Email Cathy Hudgins, Research Nurse Manager, or call (601) 815-9276.
  • UMMC Biobank
    • Services: Biospecimen management including tissue procurement, blood processing, banking collections, shipping, and dry ice.
    • Contact: (601) 815-3174  
  • Clinical Research Support Program (CRSP)
    • Services: Clinical research coordinator services including sample collection, processing, and shipping.
    • Contact: Kimberlee McGuire, Manager Research Operations, (601) 815-9955.