Study Closure

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Post-Award Closure


  • Post-Award Closure is the clinical trial close-out process required by the UMMC Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Post-Award Division, to ensure that all financial and cost standards have been met with institutional guidelines, sponsor guidelines, and federal regulations.


  • Within 90 days of study completion, notify Post-Award of study closure ( Closeout process must be completed within the next 180 days.
  • The Post-Award closure checklist must be completed, which certifies the following:
    • IRB final report submitted
    • Participants have been entered into Epic
    • Close-out documentation received from the sponsor
    • Study invoices submitted and payments received
    • Study participants received payments
    • Hospital-related charges paid
    • Start-up fees paid to the support service offices
    • All study related expenses charged to the study activity
    • Plan for utilization of residual funds submitted
  • Failure to comply with the closeout process may result in loss of access to residual funds.