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Biospecimen Management


  • Biospecimen Mangement includes the collection, processing, and storage of specimens such as blood, urine, and/or tissue.


  • Variables important to consider during processing include temperature requirements of the tubes, time period recommended for collecting and processing blood, and centrifugation requirements.
    • Temperature requirements
      • Vacutainer tubes should be stored at 4-25 degrees Celsius.
      • Protocols usually give specific details in reference to if samples should be refrigerated, frozen, or kept room temperature.
    • Time requirements
      • Serum separator tubes should clot at least 30 minutes in a vertical position before centrifugation.
      • However, other samples can wait longer before processing without losing viability, like whole blood specimen collected in an EDTA tubes, which has a 24-hour threshold.
    • Centrifugation requirements & considerations
      • The centrifugation speed, time-frame, and temperature is study protocol dependent.
      • After centrifugation, a distinct and separate layer of plasma or serum should be seen on the top of the gel layer. Gel flowed may be inhibited if chilled before or after centrifugation.
      • One of the most important factors to consider in centrifugation, is that tubes must be balanced before starting the centrifuge.