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Required CITI Training

IRB accreditation logo.jpgThe University of Mississippi Medical Center requires all individuals directly involved in the conduct of human subjects research to complete human subjects protection training before study involvement may begin.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval will be withheld until the training requirement has been met by the Principal Investigator.

To whom does this policy apply?

This requirement applies to all persons who have a significant role in the research. All of these individuals should be listed as study personnel in the IRB application.

Examples include:

  • Principal Investigators and Co-investigators
  • Individuals named on a study grant or contract proposal
  • Individuals listed on an FDA form 1572
  • Individuals named as a contact person in the informed consent document(s) or recruitment materials for research
  • Individuals who obtain informed consent from research participants
  • Individuals who obtain individually identifiable information

What training is required?

The CITI initial Human Subjects Research course (either biomedical or social-behavioral)

How often is training required?

You will be required to take the applicable refresher courses every 3 years.

Password assistance

To obtain assistance with requesting your password, call CITI at (888) 529-5929.