Human Research Office

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About Human Research Office

IRB accreditation logo.jpg"To provide quality service and assistance to enhance and facilitate the conduct of safe and ethical research involving human participants at the Medical Center, and help to further the Medical Center's research mission."

In support of its mission, the Human Research Office:

  • Helps to educate and assist the Medical Center research community on ethical and procedural issues related to research involving human volunteers;
  • Helps to facilitate compliance with federal regulations and guidance, state law, and institution policies;
  • Helps to ensure continued support from federal agencies, private foundations, industry, and the Medical Center for research involving human volunteers;
  • Conducts post-approval monitoring of IRB-approved studies;
  • Strives to promote the conduct of additional research through the continuing development of tools and programs that help facilitate the responsible conduct of research involving human volunteers;
  • Provides administrative support for the Medical Center's IRBs;
  • Monitors trends in research involving human volunteers and responds to changes in the field;
  • Provides individual and small group assistance to encourage the effective use of IRB services.