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Thank you for your interest in establishing an institute, center, or clinical center at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). Centers and institutes at UMMC are units designed to facilitate the contributions of groups to the core missions of education, research and health care. Centers and institutes at UMMC are described as follows:
  • Institutes: Institutes are large multidisciplinary programs involved in all 3 missions and by definition involve multi-departmental collaboration.
  • Centers: Centers are programs that have predominant education and/or research functions or are equally involved in all 3 missions of healthcare, education, and research.
  • Clinical Centers: The primary purpose of Clinical Centers is to provide and coordinate health care for a specific patient population or specific health issue. Clinical Centers may also have education and research functions, but their primary purpose is health care delivery.
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For more information, contact Mitzi R. Norris, PhD, ChairĀ for UMMC Centers and Institutes.

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