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Dental Hygiene Admissions

Are you interested in applying to the dental hygiene program? Follow these steps to complete your application before the February 1 deadline:

First, you'll click "Sign In" at the top right of our application website.

Apply Now

This website is called Workday. You'll revisit Workday many times, so save the login and password that you create.

Follow the instructions to apply for the Entry-Level Traditional Dental Hygiene program.

Make sure you list your most frequently checked contact information like phone numbers and email addresses, and be on the lookout for correspondence from your admissions counselor. Follow their directions to make sure your application is complete in Workday.

Here's what you'll need to be ready to submit:

  • Your transcripts from all colleges you've attended. You'll need your school to submit the transcripts to
  • You'll need to observe at least two different dental hygienists at two different offices while they are working. You'll need a minimum of 8 hours of observation. Take this document with you and have the hygienist fill it out. You'll take a new copy with you for each time you observe.
  • Submit a resume highlighting your education, work, and service experience.
  • Be ready to pay the $25 application fee online. If you need to mail a check, contact the Office of Enrollment Management.
  • Send your ACT scores to UMMC. Sometimes this process can take a while, so do this one early.
  • Make sure you are taking the required prerequisite courses for the dental hygiene degree.

Frequently asked questions:

What if I am still taking required prerequisite coursework but the deadline is approaching?

  • That's OK! Our program requires a total of 60 hours of prerequisite work, but to apply you only need to have completed 12 hours of the science prerequisite courses and 24 of the non-science courses.

Is there a minimum ACT score that is required?

  • We only require that you submit your scores. There is no minimum score requirement. The ACT scores are ranked across all the applicants to make up part of the admissions score.

How do I find a dental hygienist to shadow?

  • We encourage prospective students to find a dental office in their hometown and call them to ask when they can shadow their dental hygienist.

I've never had a job; how do I submit a resume?

  • We ask that you highlight your education experiences, your extracurricular activities, any work experience (formal or informal), and how you have given back to your community through service work in your resume.

I've got more questions. Who can I ask?

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