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Institutional Biosafety Committee Forms

New registrations

The following documents should be submitted by NEW INVESTIGATORS to register with the IBC.

For project that involves recombinant DNA or microbiological hazards, but does not involve animals

For registration of project that involves recombinant DNA or pathogenic microorganisms and animals

In addition to documents above:

For registration of project that involves macaques

In addition to documents above:

Updates and modifications

An investigator who is already registered with the IBC should use the form below for (1) the annual update; or (2) modifications to registration

Updates: investigators at BSL-2 or higher are contacted annually for updates to registration, followed by inspection of the laboratory.

Modifications to registration: Should be submitted at any time that biohazards of research activities change. Submit form above, plus any additional documents that may be required (indicated on the update/ modification form).

IBC closeout/laboratory decommissioning

The Principal Investigator is responsible for the disposition of all Biohazardous materials in her/his possession at the time of separation (Resignation, termination, or retirement) from UMMC.