External Designation Centers

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External Designation Centers

Centers and institutes at UMMC are units designed to facilitate the contributions of groups to the core missions of education, research and health care. There are four categories - institute, center, clinical center, and external designation center.

External designation centers are clinical centers or institutes designated as such as part of a national network. This designation may be based on UMMC facilities or services, quality of care, etc. Grant-funded centers or institutes that operate as traditional centers or institutes generally would not fall under this category.

Each of UMMC's many centers and institutes is dedicated to creating a healthier Mississippi.

Our external designation centers are listed below:

• Cardiorenal and Metabolic Diseases Research Center

• Children's Safe Center

• Comprehensive Stroke Center

• Cystic Fibrosis Center

• Mississippi AIDS Education Training Center

• Mississippi Center for Clinical and Translational Research

• Mississippi Center of Excellence in Perinatal Research

• Mississippi Centre for Evidenced-Based Practice: A Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence

• Mississippi Poison Control Center

• Molecular Center of Health and Disease

• UMMC Telehealth Center of Excellence

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