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The Center for Informatics and Analytics enables collaborative use of information, enhances the existing centralized enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to promote collaboration among investigators, increases analytic capabilities, and manages data in a variety of formats and across platforms. The CIA houses the Honest Broker process to provide de-identified data sets, limited data sets, and data sets containing protected health information (PHI) with proper approval and authorizations under the guidance of the EDW Governance Committee.

Health care

The center enhances care at UMMC by facilitating transformation of clinical and administrative processes that directly impact care delivery. The CIA establishes enterprise dashboards and conducts analytics that support the clinical mission under the guidance of the Clinical Intelligence Advisory Board (CIAB).


The center enhances best practices in healthcare education, supports the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Program, utilizes analytics that advance educational research and establishes informatics and analytics educational programs under the guidance of the Educational Informatics Advisory Board. The CIA also establishes the infrastructure to capture, aggregate, manage, share and analyze data to create clinical knowledge, improve population health, and connect research, education and patient care.