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Center for Children with Medical Complexity


The Center for Children with Medical Complexity (CCMC) is a care coordination program in partnership with insurance health plans, and we provide a unified and coordinated approach to the patients' care by ensuring all providers are aware of their medical history, current treatments, and any changes in health status. This helps prevent medical errors, reduce duplication of services, and avoid treatment conflicts. We aim to improve the communication between the patient, family, the healthcare team, and the patient's community healthcare providers. We have a unique vantage point of the patient's care which allows us opportunities to help the families maximize their care during each visit.

Our care coordination program is specially designed to help our patients get the best care possible. We help in three main ways:

  • Coming home from the hospital: If your child is seen in any ER or discharged from any hospital, we’ll call to make sure that you got home with all your prescriptions and any new medical equipment you need. We will also help you schedule follow-up appointments.
  • Preventing problems: We know that seeing a doctor or nurse practitioner close to where you live can help catch problems before they are serious enough to need the ER or hospital. Because of this we’ll help make sure your child receives important preventative care from a primary care physician or nurse practitioner. We will also make sure your primary care provider and specialists stay in communication with each other so everyone is up to date on your child’s care plan.
  • Scheduling appointments: We can assist if you need help coordinating appointments for the same day or scheduling an appointment sooner than the one you have.



Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to provide patient-centered care coordination by:

  • building relationships through a collaborative and innovative approach that engages patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare providers
  • creating a seamless care experience to reduce fragmentation of services and address the diverse needs and preferences of each patient
  • improving access to healthcare resources across all settings and specialties
  • serving communities and providers across the state to ensure that every patient receives the right care, at the right time, in the right place, and by the right team.



For parents and caregivers of children needing complex care, please visit the Children's Complex Care page for more information on services and provider options.