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Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

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ENT Patient Handouts

Below is information about ENT conditions and treatments and how to prepare for or recover from procedures. Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions.



Children's ENT

General ENT

General ENT

Preparation for Allergy Testing Palatal Injuries
Temporomandibular (TMJ) Disorder Supraglottoplasty Home Care

Adenoids and Tonsils

 Adenoids and Tonsils

Adenoidectomy, AdultAdenoidectomy, Pediatric
Tonsil- and Adenoidectomy, AdultTonsil- and Adenoidectomy, Pediatric
Tonsillectomy, AdultTonsillectomy, Pediatric

Head and Neck

Allergic Rhinitis

Neck DissectionAllergic Rhinitis, Pediatric
Thyroidectomy or Parathyroidectomy

Choking Hazards

Nose and Sinus

Nose and Sinus

Bactroban (Mupirocin) IrrigationEndoscopic Sinus Surgery, Pediatric
CSF Leak Repair - Postoperative Information

Ear Tubes

Sinus and Nasal Surgery - Postoperative Information

Ventilation Tubes

NosebleedsTubos de Ventilación
Oral Steroids for Sinusitis

Ear Surgery
(Not Tubes)

Orbital Decompression SurgeryCochlear Implant
Orbital Decompression - Postoperative InformationCochlear Implant - Preoperative Information
Septum and Turbinate - Postoperative InformationCochlear Implant - Postoperative Information
Saline (Salt Water) IrrigationMiddle Ear or Mastoid Surgery
Steroid IrrigationTympanoplasty



Tracheostomy Home Care, AdultSuctioning Tracheostomy, Child


Tracheostomy Home Care, Child
Balance Testing
Canalith Repositioning
Vestibular (Balance) Exercises

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Skin Care


Chemical Peels and Laser Treatments
Full Thickness Skin Graft
Intact Dressing
Minor Surgery - Preoperative Information
Mohs Surgery - Preoperative Information
Mohs Surgery Postoperative Information
Punch Biopsy
Scar Therapy
Self-healing Wound Care
Shave Biopsy

Sleep Surgery


Sleep Surgery - Preoperative Instructions
Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator (Inspire) - Postoperative Instructions
Palate Surgery - Postoperative Instructions
Tongue Base Surgery - Postoperative Instructions



Blenderized Diet for Jaw Wiring

Tobacco Cessation


Tobacco Cessation

Voice and Swallowing


Gastroesophageal Reflux Laryngitis
Injection Larngoplasty
Laryngoscopy - Removal of Laryngeal Lesions
Thyroplasty (Vocal Fold Surgery)
Tracheal Dilation
Vocal Hygiene