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Request Medical Records and Images

UMMC is happy to provide you or your provider with your medical records and images. You will need to fill out a Release of Information Authorization form - PDF (release form) and bring it with you to request your records along with a photo ID, or see below for other ways to request your records. We cannot take record requests over the phone. Requestor must be 18.

  • Ways to request a copy of your medical records reports:
    • Fax a copy of your ID AND release form to: 601-984-4044
    • Email request, a copy of your ID AND release form:
    • Address to mail release form, ID:
      2500 N State St. c/o Release of Information
      Jackson, MS 39216
    • Onsite visit location: Main Floor Business Office, located in room 146 on the first floor of University Hospital 
      • Please bring your photo ID and plan to fill out a release form
  • Cost: $6.50 flat fee plus 12 cents per page.
  • For other questions regarding medical record reports or machine-readable format requests, call 601-984-4050

  • Ways to request a copy of your Imaging test:
    • Fax a copy of your ID AND release form to: 601-984-2891
    • Email a copy of your ID AND release form to:
    • Mail ID AND release form to:
      2500 N State St. c/o Image Management
      Jackson, MS 39216
    • Onsite visit location: Basement - Adult Radiology. Directions: From the University Hospital main entrance, take the Central elevators down to the basement. Turn left, and you will be looking at adult radiology.
      • Please bring your photo ID and plan to fill out a release form
  • There is no charge for the first disk.
  • For other questions regarding reports, call 601-984-2530

*Please allow 5-10 business days for your imaging to arrive at its destination if sent by mail. We cannot overnight imaging without a FedEx account number provided to us.

Patient Resources 

Providers Requesting/Sending Records

  • Please email/fax/mail your request on office letterhead with pertinent patient and requesting provider information. Please send to BOTH departments to request medical records AND images.
  • We are able to share images electronically through Nuance PowerShare Network only. We can send a link to your facility in an email to share imaging. You do not need to have Nuance PowerShare Network to receive/view these. Please email with your request.
  • If you are an external facility that is sending images through PowerShare or Life Image, please use the External Image Upload Request after uploading your images.
  • Physician Imaging Resources


Can my images be sent electronically?

Your images can be shared with the requesting facility through a shared link (Nuance PowerShare Network). This request must come from the requesting provider/facility. We cannot share through email.

Who can pick up my reports/images?

Records can be released to someone other than the patient. The person picking up the records must have a Release of Information signed by the patient, along with THEIR ID- not the patient’s. The released to portion of the authorization must include the person’s picking up the medical records or images name and address.

Can I see my images in MyChart?

Yes, you can view images and reports directly in MyChart.

I need my images overnighted - how do I get this done?

UMMC will overnight imaging by FedEx if provided a FedEx number by the requestor.