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Our Quality Journey

UMMC strives to provide the best possible care for all our patients. That’s why clinical quality is the number one strategic priority of the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Over the last several years, UMMC has driven its clinical quality improvement program based in the principles of High Reliability. The core pillars to the program are 1) Leadership commitment to zero harm, 2) A Culture of Safety aimed at developing trust, accountability, and systems to identify unsafe conditions, and 3) Performance Improvement based on accepted robust processes. Skilled professionals with a singular vision for achieving clinical excellence lead this program, but every health care provider and staff member at UMMC owns the responsibility to ensure high quality care and a positive experience for our patients. Performance improvement work follows this plan:

Performance Improvement Project Flow. The Goals: -Define performance gaps -Set focused goals with specific targets. The Work: -Teams: clinical & process leads -Timeline: Data driven. Data: -Simple/timely/actionable. -Transparency for all to see performance. Review and Accountability: -Location/Department/Institution -Monthly/quarterly reviews.

Our quality journey is occurring in a national context in which health care organizations are increasingly accountable for their performance. Through its “Hospital Compare” online database, the Medicare program

publishes a set of clinical quality measures for all hospitals that provide services to Medicare beneficiaries. These data benchmark hospital performance and help define opportunities for improvement. In addition, a number of private organizations, such as The Leapfrog Group, rely on these publicly reported measures – along with others tailored to their objectives – to generate their own quality ratings of hospitals.

It’s important to remember that the public measures tracked by Medicare, and upon which other ratings groups rely, vary from one to four years old when they are published.  For that reason, and for the benefit of our patients and their families, UMMC publishes its quality data on this website. These data are similar to that provided to the Medicare program, but reflect our performance on these measures in the current year. UMMC uses the publically reported data to identify our opportunities for improvement and the internal data helps engage our front line teams in the improvement work.    

We hope you find this information useful as you make choices about your health care.