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ID Badges

How to obtain a badge

Badges are provided for identification purposes to UMMC employees at hire, UMMC students at the beginning of their educational program, affiliated students prior to beginning on-campus rotations, and to individuals onboarded through the NEPAR process (non-employees such as contractors, educational observers, and research volunteers).

Affiliated students and individuals completing the NEPAR process can find additional instructions on the applicable website for obtaining a badge.

Replacing a lost badge

Immediately upon losing the badge notify Human Resources by email at hrservicecenter@umc.edu so that your badge can be disabled.  Lost badges are replaced by the HR Service Center for a fee of $20, payable by cash, credit or debit card, or payroll deduction for UMMC employees. Your new badge will be printed while you wait in about 10 minutes.  An appointment is not necessary.  You may stop by the HR Service Center anytime during normal business hours.  If your photo is older than 5 years, you will be given the opportunity to take an updated photo for your badge.

Door access and parking

The HR Service Center cannot add door or parking access to badges. Door access is added by building security administrators and can be requested by submitting a ticket in the HelpDesk portal or by contacting the building security administrator directly.  Parking access is managed by the Parking Department.

Click here for DIS HelpDesk IT Service Catalog to request badge access.

Click here for the Parking Department.

Issues with Kronos, badge swipe deductions, or door/badge access

If your badge is functioning correctly, first ensure you do not have any other badges, cellphones, credit cards, or other devices near your badge that could cause interference. If your badge still does not work, follow the below guidance for assistance:

Kronos or Badge Swipe Deductions Issues: The HR Service Center cannot access Kronos or Badge Payment systems to assist you with system issues. Click here to contact the DIS HelpDesk

Door access issues:

  • If your badge is working intermittently (in some areas but not others): Contact the building security administrator for that area.
  • If your badge has stopped working at all doors that you normally have access to: Contact the HR Service Center 601-984-1130 or hrservicecenter@umc.edu.