Student Nurse Externship Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID protocols? 

Please ensure that you are NOT exhibiting COVID symptoms before proceeding to a campus scheduled interview. Video conferencing for interviews may be requested and is at the discretion of the manager.  

When can I apply for an externship? 

Applications will be open mid to late January. The applications can be found on our careers website. UMMC students will need to log into Workday. 

What if I notice a mistake after submitting my application? 

Applicants are ineligible to re-submit applications. Please ensure that you review your application for accuracy before submission. If there is an issue that should be addressed/corrected or if your application is rejected, feel free to reach out to the recruiter. 

Clinical Recruitment Contact: 
Cell (601) 213-7068 (you may also text this number) 

Is the nurse externship a paid position? 

The nurse extern program is a paid position. Please check with your school concerning insurance options that are available for students.   

Does the nurse externship offer benefits? 

The program offers great benefits for the student nurse but does not offer paid benefits. The position is considered a temporary, part-time position. Please check with your school concerning insurance options that are available for students.   

What housing options are available for students? 

Housing and relocation expenses are the responsibility of the student. Feel free to review the link below to identify suitable living spaces. 

When does the program start? 

The program will begin each year after Memorial Day. Orientation details will be emailed under separate cover. It is imperative that students provide a valid email address for communication purposes. 

How long is the nurse externship program?

The total hours to fulfill the UMMC requirement is 320 hours (36-40 hours per week). The last week to complete the 320 hours will vary from year to year. Discussions regarding pre-longed trips, weddings, or other special events will need to be discussed before the acceptance of an externship with the respective manager.

What are the out of state eligibility requirements? 

Students who are interested in completing an externship who attend out of state nursing schools will need to enroll for the externship course through an accredited school of nursing in Mississippi. 

Should I apply for an externship if I am scheduled to graduate within (6) months or less? 

Students who are scheduled to graduate within (6) months or less should consider applying to the Nurse Graduate position. If you have questions, please reach out to the Clinical Nurse Liaison at (601) 213-7068 (mobile) or email

As an extern, what is the time commitment? 

Externs are expected to complete a minimum of 320 hours with an assigned preceptor. The student will work the shift of his/her preceptor (typically 8-12 hours in length).  Shifts may be rotated (day/night shifts) and assignments most likely will involve weekend shifts (externs will work the same shift as their preceptor). 

Do I need any special certifications? 

No special certifications are required.  Many nursing students have BLS and this is great certification to have upon hire. 

Can internal employees apply for the externship program? 

Yes, internal employees are eligible and will be considered.

How will I be contacted? 

Managers will utilize the contact information noted on your application/resume. Please ensure that your voicemail remains effective. We will attempt to leave a message if we are unable to reach you. 

How will I know if I have been selected? 

After you have submitted your application/resume’, selected applicants will be contacted for an interview by the manager/educator. 

What options do I have if I am not selected for the Student Nurse Externship program? 

UMMC offers the possibility of several other opportunities. All positions are listed on our career website. Feel free to apply to any position for which you meet the minimum qualifications. However, nursing students find that positions that are best suited for their professional growth are in alignment with positions that are closely connected in the nursing arena. Popular positions include:  Nursing Assistant, Hospital Technicians, Emergency Department Technician and Unit Secretary vacancies. 

Accepted Extern FAQS

What are directions to UMMC?

Use this link to download a campus map. - PDF

Where should I park? 

Day Shift Employees 

  • Parking is permitted in the stadium lot with the exception of marked spaces. Shuttle information will be provided during orientation 

Night Shift Employees 

  • Parking is permissible in Garage A or Garage B. Seek assistance from your manager for more information.  

What do I wear to orientation? 

A professional picture will be taken on the first day of orientation. Please wear all BLUE Scrubs. (The shade of blue is your choice). Scrubs are expected to be ironed. Acquiring and caring for uniforms is a student’s responsibility. Wearing a UMMC badge is required during working hours. (This is a part of your uniform). Badges will be distributed on the first day of orientation. Closed-toe tennis shoes are expected to be clean. Shoe styles are at the student’s discretion.

Professional attire and/or casual clothes are acceptable at the end of the semester celebration and reception. Jeans are not considered professional dress attire.

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