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Workday: Manage Your Career


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Update Career Information

Prior to searching for a job, access your profile to update career information. This section can be viewed in the corresponding video at location 2:23.

  1. From the Cloud Icon, select View Profile.

    Cloud icon and View Profile link of profile of zdorothy Zbornak.

  2. From the Career tab, you can update your job history, education or upload certifications.

    Workday profile with Career tab highlighted by a red rectsngle.

Professional Profile

  1. Update your Professional Profile by adding job history and education. You may upload your resume or copy and paste data from your resume into the job history and education fields.

    1. Please ensure all work experience and education is entered, including your current position at UMMC.

  2. To upload your resume, click Upload.

    Professional Profile tab with title of Upload My Experience and Upload button highlighted with red rectangle.

  3. You may drag and drop files into the gray box or upload a document from your computer. To upload, click Select files.

    1. Review all information for accuracy before submitting your application.

      Upload-My-Experience dialog box with Select files button highlighted.

  4. To copy and paste information from your resume, click Add.

    Professional Profile tab with Add buttons under Job History and Education.

  5. Enter information about your job history or education.

    Add Job History form example   Add-Education form example


  1. The information on the Education tab will populate from the professional profile tab. However, you may click Add to enter additional information or Upload My Experience to upload your resume.

    Education tab with the title Education highlighted and two buttons labeled Add and Upload My Experience.


Certifications should only be added if they are listed as a requirement on your job profile, which can be viewed from the My Job Profile application on your home page (click here for instructions).

  1. To enter a Certification, click Add.

    Certifications tab with title of Certifications and Ad button highlighted.

  2. Enter certification information and upload a copy of the document by clicking Select files.

    Add Certification menu with form fields and Select files button highlighted.


  1. If you wish to upload a certification that is not required in your job profile, please upload it in the Documents tab.

    Documents tab with title of Documents highlighted.

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Apply for a Job

This section can be viewed in the corresponding video at location 5:21.

  1. From the Find Jobs application on the home page, select Find Jobs.

    UMMC Careers - Find Jobs button  My Job Applications dialog box with Find Jobs hyperlink highlighted.

  2. On the Find Jobs page, you may:

    1. Enter the Requisition number or job title in the search bar.

    2. Set filters with the option on the left of the screen.

    3. Scroll through the results listed.

      Find Jobs page with the letter a on the search bar, the letter b on Current Search left navigation bar, and the letter c on the search resutls with a title of 370 search results.

  3. After you have found the position for which you would like to apply, you may review the Job Description details such as the Job Summary, Responsibilities and Compensation Grade. For instructions to view your current pay grade, click here.

  4. To apply for a position, click Apply.

  5. Any information entered in the Professional Profile, Education and Certifications tab will populate.

    1. You may also make necessary changes to your career profile before proceeding. Click Go To Your Profile to make any edits.

  6. You may still upload your resume, cover letter or certifications by dragging the documents into the gray box in the middle of the screen or uploading a file from your computer.

  7. To upload your documents, click Select files.

    Resume / Cover Letter dialog box with Select Files button highlighted.

  8. Complete the job application questions in the Internal Candidate Job Application Questions section and certify that you agree to the statements in the Acknowledgement, Consent and Release section.

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View Job Applications

This section can be viewed in the corresponding video at location 6:17.

  1. To view your job applications after you have applied, click the UMMC Careers - Find Jobs application on your home page, then select My Job Applications.

    UMMC Careers - Find Jobs button  My Job Applications dialog box with My Job Applications hyperlink highlighted.

  2. Click OK.

  3. You can view previous job applications here.

    My Job Applications page with job listing for Internal. Hospital Tech II - Child Psychiatric.

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View Required Certifications

  1. Select the My Job Profile application on the home page.

    My Job Profile icon

  2. Any required certifications, licenses or registrations will display in the Job Description column.

    portion of Job Description table with highlighted text of CERTIFICATIONS, LICENSES OR REGISTRATION. REQUIRED: N/A.

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View Current Pay Grade

  1. From the Cloud Icon, select View Profile. Then select Compensation.

    View Profile menu with right arror pointing to highlighted menu option of Compensation on profile left navigation bar.

  2. Your current grade is listed under Compensation.

    Compenation dislog box with pay grade of 14S highlighted.

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