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Quick Reference: Acknowledge and Sign Job Offer for External Candidates

Keep in Mind

If you have been selected to receive an approved job offer, an email notification will be sent to you. In order to review the job offer, you must log in to the UMMC Careers site where you submitted a job application(s).

Review Job Offer

  1. Visit the UMMC Careers website:
  2. Click External Applicants.

    External Applicants clickable card and hyperlink of External applicants with a red rectabgle around it. Follows is a bulleted list with the text, NOT currently employed by UMMC; See a list of available positions; For assistance, use the External Applicant Job Aid. The term External Applicant Job Aid is hyperlinked.

  3. Click Sign In and enter your email address and password. Please utilize the email address and password used when your application was submitted.
  4. You are now in Workday. Click the Cloud IconCloud Iconin the top right corner.
  5. Click View Profile.

    View Profile menu for a profile with the username Menu has the options Candidate Home and Account Settings followed by a Sign Out button.

  6. In the My Submitted Applications section, select the position with an action Action Item Icon item.

    Title of My Submitted Applications with action item for a cytogenetic technologist position with a status of in progress.

  7. To review the job offer letter, click Review & Acknowledge Staff Offer Letter.
  8. Open the PDF document.
  9. If you choose to accept the job offer, click the I Agree checkbox, then OK. If you have any questions about the job offer or if you do not intend to accept the offer, please contact the hiring manager.


    Go here for the image long description.

  10. Complete the awaiting tasks for updating your Date of Birth and Government/National ID. Previous UMMC employees will not be required to provide a date of birth or Social Security Number.

    Title of Your Tasks with three checkmark icons to indicate that the review and acknowledgement letter, the update of the date of birth and the update of the government ID were completed.

Revised 3/2023 *Subject to Change depending on UMMC modified Business Processes