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Stipends, Scholarships and Tuition


Tuition rates are subject to yearly change. Tuition for the John D. Bower School of Population Health is only assessed for 9 hours of graduate credit regardless of the number of credit hours taken. Laboratory fees and other special fees depend on the course taken. Follow this link to access current fees.

Graduate Student Stipend

Graduate Student Stipends (GSS) are assigned on a competitive basis as funds are available. The current GSS is $28,000.00 per year for a timeframe specified in the offer letter. All students on GSS must complete the SOPH Graduate Student on Stipend Agreement. Doctoral students wishing to be considered for a stipend for the upcoming fall semester should apply as early as possible but no later than December 31.

Dean's Scholarship

The Dean's Scholarship is a full-tuition recruitment scholarship that is awarded to doctoral students for outstanding academic achievement. Students who are citizens of the US or permanent residents are eligible for the Dean's Scholarship. Students wishing to be considered for a Dean's Scholarship for the upcoming fall semester should apply for admission prior to December 31.


For more information, contact the SOPH Office of the Dean by email at