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Department of Data Science

Data science is an emerging field encompassing processes and systems for extracting knowledge and insights from data. With its interdisciplinary approach that combines aspects of statistics, computer science, data mining, applied mathematics, predictive analytics and visualization, data science aims to turn vast amounts of data into actionable evidence.

The Department of Data Science provides cutting-edge biostatistical and information science expertise to collaborators at UMMC. The department promotes the highest standards in research and education by providing consummate biostatistical expertise to collaborators and scholars towards translating data into evidence and answers. We promote the development of long-term collaborative relationships between our team members and investigators. This increases efficiency through familiarity with specialized areas and issues within disciplines and results in more responsive, comprehensive and productive service to our collaborators.


In April 2016, the Department of Data Science was instituted under the new Bower School of Population Health to address the growing need for data visualization, bioinformatics and biostatistics.


The  mission of  the Department of Data Science in the Bower School of Population Health is to serve as  a foundation of proficiency and wisdom in the collection, organization, analysis, and interpretation of biomedical and population health data, promoting and translating rigorous methods to further the disciplines of biostatistics, populomics and data science.