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Biostatistics and Data Science Seminar Series

Portrait of Yuqiu “Ian” YangApril 17, 2024

Yuqiu “Ian” Yang
PhD Candidate
MS Department of Statistics and Data Science
Southern Methodist University

Presentation: Linking immune-informatics research at the molecular scale to the population scale

Portrait of Heidi Hanson

April 3, 2024

Heidi Hanson, PhD
Group Leader of Biostatics and Multilevel Systems Modeling
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Presentation: Disease Detection at the Speed of Life: Near Real-Time Disease Surveillance at Population Scale

Portrait of Thomas Hartung

March 7, 2024

Thomas Hartung, MD, PhD
John Hopkins University and University of Konstanz in Germany

Presentation: AI Will Only Replace Toxicologists Who Don't Use It

Portrait of Kelly Zou

February 1, 2024

Kelly H. Zou, PhD, PStat®, FASA
Global Medical Analytics and Real-World Evidence, and Health Economics & Outcomes Research
Viatris Inc.

Presentation: Optimizing Patient Care through Real-World Evidence and Artificial Intelligence 

Tommy Naugle

December 7, 2023

Tommy Naugle, PhD
Data Scientist Team Leader
Rocket Loans

PresentationData Science in Practice: Lessons from the Field 

Daniel Byrne

November 2, 2023 

Daniel Byrne
Director of Artificial Intelligence Research in the Advanced Vanderbilt Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Senior Associate in the Department of Biostatistics
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

PresentationArtificial Intelligence for Improved Patient Outcomes – the Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial is the Secret Sauce

Frank Bretz

October 5, 2023 

Frank Bretz, PhD
Distinguished Qualitative Research Scientist

PresentationGraphical Approaches to Multiple Test Problems

Portrait of Dr. Tianzhong-Yang

September 7, 2023 

Tianzhong Yang, PhD
Assistant Professor in the Division of Biostatistics & Health Data Science
University of Minnesota

PresentationSubset Scanning For Multi-Trait Analysis Using GWAS Summary Statistics

Portrait of Dr. David Kaplan

April 5, 2023 

David Kaplan, PhD
Patricia Busk Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Department of Educational Psychology
University of Wisconsin – Madison

PresentationBayesian Methods for Borrowing Historical Information with Applications to the Analysis of Large-Scale Assessments

Portrait of Nashlie Sephus

March 22, 2023

Nashlie Sephus, PhD
Principal Tech Evangelist
The Bean Path

PresentationBuilding a Tech State of Mind

Portrait of Thomas Belin

February 1, 2023 

Thomas R. Belin, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair of Biostatistics
University of California Los Angeles

PresentationMaintaining Internal Validity in Community Partnered Participatory Research: Experience from the Community

Portrait of Todd Schwartz

January 18, 2023

Todd Schwartz, DrPH
Professor of Biostatistics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Presentation:Approaches to Modeling Ordinal Categorical Response Variables Through Cumulative Logits

Portrait of Elena Tuzhilina

November 17, 2022

Elena Tuzhilina, PhD
Assistant Professor of Statistical Sciences
University of Toronto

PresentationCanonical Correlation Analysis in High Dimensions with Structured Regularization

Portrait of Gen Li

November 3, 2022

Gen Li, PhD
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
University of Michigan

PresentationNew Amalgamation-Based Methods for Microbiome Compositional Data Analysis

Portrait of Jennifer Starling

October 20, 2022 

Jennifer Starling, PhD

PresentationIdentifying primary care practices with exemplar response to Medicare alternative payment models using individualized Bayesian Causal Forests (iBCF)


October 6, 2022

Bowei Xi, PhD
Associate Professor of Statistics
Purdue University

PresentationVulnerabilities of Deep Learning and Robust Deep Ensemble

 Portrait of Dr. Ying LuSeptember 22, 2022 

Ying Lu, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Data Science
Stanford University

PresentationNovel Composite Desirability of Outcome Ranking Approach for Patient-Centered Evaluation of Overall Treatment Benefits

Sheng Luo

September 8, 2022 

Sheng Luo, PhD
Professor of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Duke University

Presentation: Functional Data Analysis: Novel Statistical Methods and Applications in Alzheimer’s Disease Research