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Data Science Faculty

William Hillegass.jpg

William "Bill" Hillegass, MD, Ph.D.,M.P.H.
Associate Professor
Phone: (601) 815-3479
Office: TR533
E-mail: whillegass@umc.edu

Research Interests: Telehealth for Remote Patient Management, Cardiometabolic Disease, Health Disparities, Interventional Cardiovascular and Anti-thrombotic Therapies, Clinical Trial Methodology, Indirect Treatment Comparison Methods, and Health Economics Methods

Seth Lirette.jpg

Seth Lirette, Ph.D.,M.S.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (601) 815-8127
Office: TR535
E-mail: slirette2@umc.edu

Research Interests: Biomarker Validation, Advanced Statistical Models, Multi-Reader-Multi-Case Trials, Survival Analysis, and Bootstrapping

Portrait of Hao Mei

Hao Mei, Ph.D.,M.S.
Phone: (601) 815-8130
Office: TR539
E-mail: hmei@umc.edu

Research Interests: Statistical Genetics including the Identification of Genetic Variants, Function Genes, and Pathways Associated With Complex Human Diseases, Omics Data Analysis Systems for Heterogeneous Data, Causal Analysis, and Multivariate Genetic Analysis


Hamidreza Moradi, Ph.D.,M.S.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (601) 815-5497
Office: TR536
E-mail: hmoradi@umc.edu

Research Interests: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), explainable AI, and Computer Aided Diagnosis

Jeannette Simino, Program Director

Jeannette Simino, Ph.D.,M.S.
Associate Professor
Phone: (601) 815-8128
Office: TR540
E-mail: jsimino@umc.edu

Research Interests: Genetic Epidemiology including the Genetic Cause of Dementia and Dementia-Related Traits, the Relationship of Biomarkers, Demographics, and Lifestyle with Dementia, and Sex- and or Race-Specific Risk Factors for Dementia

Portrait of Rajesh Talluri

Rajesh Talluri, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (601) 815-3478
Office: TR534
E-mail: rtalluri@umc.edu

Research Interests: Survey Data Analysis, Causal Inference, Cancer Prevention, Machine Learning, and Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Turk, Philip_WebCrop.jpg

Philip Turk, Ph.D.,M.S.
Professor and Chair
Phone: (601) 984-1816
Office: TR501-02
E-mail: pturk@umc.edu

Research Interests: Sampling, Network Analytics, Bayesian Methods, Statistical Computing, and Advanced Modeling and Forecasting

Wondwosen Yimer

Wondwosen Kassahun Yimer, Ph.D.,M.S.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (601) 815-8129
Office: TR538
E-mail: wyimer@umc.edu

Research Interests: Secondary Data Analysis With Emphasis on Longitudinal/Correlated Data, Survival Data Modeling, Joint Modeling, Bayesian Statistics, Semi-continuous/ Zero-inflated Models, and Missing Data

Yunxi Zhang.jpg

Yunxi Zhang, Ph.D.,M.S.
Assistant Professor
Phone: (601) 815-3477
Office: TR537
E-mail: yzhang4@umc.edu

Research Interests: Missing data analysis, high-dimensional data analysis, variable selection, Bayesian methods, causal inference, graphical models, health service research, health economics, and telehealth

Zheng, Yufeng_Portrait-Sq.jpg

Yufeng Zheng, Ph.D.,M.S.
Associate Professor
Phone: (601) 815-7908
Office: TR532
E-mail: yzheng@umc.edu

Research Interests: Image Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning, AI, and Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD)


Teaching Faculty


Kenneth "Ken" A. Holm, B.S.
Phone: (601) 984-4729
Office: JMM; DIS
E-mail: kholm@umc.edu


Chiu-Hsieh "Paul" Hsu, Ph.D.
E-mail: chsu@umc.edu


Secondary Faculty


William Andrew "Drew" Pruett, Ph.D.
Instructor of Physiology & Biophysics
Phone: (601) 815-1316
E-mail: wpruett@umc.edu


Lei Zhang, Ph.D.,MSc,MBA
Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship, Professor of Nursing
Phone: (601) 815-9780
E-mail: lzhang2@umc.edu