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Data Visualization

Data science is an emerging field encompassing processes and systems for extracting knowledge and insights from data. With its interdisciplinary approach that combines aspects of statistics, computer science, data mining, applied mathematics, predictive analytics and visualization, data science aims to turn vast amounts of data into actionable evidence.

Data wrangling

Data munging or data wrangling is loosely the process of manually converting or mapping data from one "raw" form into another format that allows for more convenient consumption of the data with the help of semi-automated tools. Examples of large data wrangling projects the center has conducted include ARIC, JHS, RACE Trial.

Data visualization

Data visualization is both an art and a science. A primary goal of data visualization - "data viz" - is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users via the statistical and graphical artistry selected. Effective visualizations help users in analyzing and reasoning about data and evidence, making complex data more accessible, understandable and usable.


UMMC data visualization

JHS data visualization

ARIC data visualization